Friday, October 21, 2022

Discounted haiku books on Amazon

Below are some heavily-discounted haiku books currently available on Amazon (except for the last one, which is still discounted... just not heavily). No idea how long these prices will last. All of these are for new paperback copies.

Annual Red Moon anthologies are a curated collection of some of the best haiku published in the previous year. They typically sell for $20.

This copy is a second printing. From the Red Moon Press website: "This reprinted edition may vary slightly in format, but contains all the content of the original Red Moon Press edition."
A collection of haiku from 17 poets, including Sonic Boom editor-in-chief Shloka Shankar. List price for this book is $20.
This book from one of the masters of English language haiku won 3rd prize in the HSA 2010 Merit Book Awards.
Another ELH master. List price $20.
This book lists for only $4 regularly, so you're only saving a dollar, but it's a good read and a great value. It gathers haiku from many Japanese masters of the craft, not just but including the four notables (Bashō, Buson, Issa, and Shiki). One thing you'll find here that isn't often a part of other collections is a comparison of multiple translations for some of the poems. A lot of talented translators are represented: Allen Ginsberg, Donald Keene, Harold G. Henderson, Hiroaki Sato, William J. Higginson, and many others.

If you prefer to read electronically (and for free) some of these books may be available in The Haiku Foundation's Digital Library. I know a gate left open is; I haven't checked for the others.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Black Ink Fiction - November Daily Drabbles - Submission Guidelines

Black Ink Fiction's Daily Drabbles guidelines for November (from the 9/19/22 BIF newsletter):

November Daily Drabbles

There will be a weekly theme announced in our newsletter a month ahead, and 7 drabbles chosen for each theme. The content can be any genre, and though BIF is a speculative fiction press, we will accept exceptional pieces from other genres.

Need to get those creative thoughts flowing? Try a drabble on for size! Use your writing skills to create a short work of fiction, precisely one hundred words in length. We have some themes below that can help you get started. Once you have written your submission, send it on over to While the October submissions are now closed, the November themes are posted below.

November Themes:

Week 1: Candy

Week 2: Roads

Week 3: Leaves

Week 4: Thankful

Week 5: Turkeys

The deadline for these submissions is 10/15/22.

In order for your submission to be reviewed, please send it to Your subject should include the theme and your name (ex: Snow - Wynona Writer). Include a short 50-word bio and 1 link in the document below the drabble.

Monday, September 19, 2022

White Enso: change to writer payment

White Enso has updated its contributor payment policy. In the past, each accepted writer would receive a "small honorarium." Going forward, payment will only be made for a handful of published pieces.

From the 9/15/22 White Enso newsletter:

There is one big change to White Enso. One work from each of the categories listed below will receive the White Enso award. That selection will receive an honorarium. The other selections highlighted in the journal will not be offered an honorarium.

Japanese-style poetry (haiku, haibun, rengay, waka, etc.)
Visual Art 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Shacklebound Books - seeking sci-fi horror drabbles

 From the 9/1/22 Shacklebound Books newsletter:

We need science fiction horror drabbles! The Patreon Patrons have voted on this theme! Submissions will open on Sept. 15th and remain open until the anthology is full! Send us your best spooky science fiction stories! Guidelines will go up on our submissions page in about a week! Start writing those 100-word stories!

Check the submissions page on 9/15 for the full drabble guidelines.

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