Haiku market news and deadlines

This page will be updated as regularly as time permits with current deadlines, reading periods, and other news pertaining to writing and publishing haiku. The publishers listed below generally focus on haiku, senryu, tanka, related forms, and other types of micropoetry.

bold = recently added
italics = recently updated or changed

Market news

Fastened to the Reins: no longer being published? website is gone, email bounces back
- Tandem: shut down in 2023

Current submission deadlines

- 4/15/24: folk ku journal (King River Press)
- 4/30/24: Drifting Sands
- 4/30/24: Echidna Tracks
- 4/30/24: Frameless Sky
- 4/30/24: Poetry Pea (video prompt)
- 4/30/24: Soul Ink Volume 2 anthology (Dragon Soul Press)
- 4/30/24: Time Haiku
- 5/1/24: Humana Obscura
- 5/1/24: San Francisco International Competition for Haibun (Haiku Poets of Northern California)
- 5/15/24: bottle rockets
- 5/31/24: Kiyoshi & Kiyoko Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest (Yuki Teikei Haiku Society)
- 6/1/24: Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards (The Heron's Nest)
- 6/30/24: Raining Rengay
- 10/15/24: Tribute to the Haibun (Rattle)
- 10/31/24: San Francisco International Competition for Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka (Haiku Poets of Northern California)
- 11/15/24: Under the Basho

º Limited submission eligibility; see publisher's guidelines

Currently open - no posted deadline

- a fine lineº (NZPS)
- 17 Syllables a Day (CNN Opinion)
haikuNetra: rolling deadlines
- Setu***
wlovolw: guidelines TBA

*** Publisher requires formal notification if writer plans to republishes work

Monthly/regular contests & reading periods

Akitsu Quarterly: opens Jan 1 & May 1; stays open until full
Basho's Haiku Journeys Haiku Contest: quarterly contest; closes the last day of Jan, Apr, July, Oct
- Haiga in Focus: open 1st to 20th of each month
ITO EN The Art of Haiku Contest*: open 1st to last day of each month, Jan to Oct
- Monthly Tricycle Haiku Challenge: open 1st to last day of each month (themed)
On the Happiness of Haiku Writing Monthly Kukai: open 1st to last day of each month
- THF Monthly Kukai: open 1st to 15th of each month (themed)
Zen Peacemakers Monthly Haiku Showcase: open 1st to 25th of each month (themed)

* Contest sponsor claims all rights to submitted poems

Upcoming contests & reading periods

#FemkuMagº: May 1 to May 31 2024
Acorn: July 1 to Aug 31 2024
AHA Haiku Contest: Jan 1 to Jan 31 2025 (UHTS)
- Best Haiku Anthology Competition: TBA (Haiku Crush)
Betty Drevniok Award: reopens Dec 2024 (Haiku Canada)
British Haiku Society Awards: TBA; deadline Jan 31 2025
Cafe Haiku: TBA
cattails: July 1 to July 31 2024
- Chrysanthemum: Aug 1 to Sept 1 2024
- Clouds in Paper: TBA (Young Buddhist Editorial)
contemporary haibun online: May 1 to May 31 2024
- Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal: May 1 to May 15 2024 (theme: "childhood")
Fireflies' Light: Sept 1 to Sept 30 2024
first frost: July 1 to July 31 2024
Fleeting Words Tanka Contest: May 1 to May 31 2024? (UHTS)
Frogpond: Nov 1 to Nov 30 2024
- Fujisan Award: reopens June 1 2024?
H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest: May 21 to May 31 2024
- Haiku Festival Awardsº: TBA; 2025
Haiku Zooº: July 1 to Aug 31 2024
High/Coo Chapbook Competition: Jan 1 to Apr 1 2025? (Brooks Books)
- HSA Haibun Award Contest: opens June 1 2024
- HSA Haiku Award Contest: opens June 1 2024
HSA Senryu Award Contest: opens June 1 2024
Kingfisher: Aug 1 to Aug 31 2024
- Kokako: May 1 to July 1 2024
l’estran: TBA
- MacQueen's Quinterly: ~ July 7 to July 16 2024
Marlene Mountain Memorial Haiku Contestº: June 1 to June 15 2024 (#FemkuMag)
- Penumbra Poetry and Haiku Contest: June 1 2024? (Tallahassee Writers Association)
Presence: Apr 15 to May 31 2024
Prune Juice: June 1 to June 30 2024
Pure Haiku: TBA
- right hand pointing: May 1 to June 15 2024
- Samurai Haibun Contest: Sept 1 to Sept 30 2024 (UHTS)
San Francisco International Competition for Rengay: TBA (Haiku Poets of Northern California)
Sejong Writing Competition: TBA (Sejong Cultural Society)
- Shadow Pond Journal: May 10 to June 10 2024 (theme: peace)
- Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition: TBA; next deadline Jan 31 2025
- Songbirds Online: TBA (UHTS)
- Take 5ive: TBA
The Cicada's Cry: May 1 to May 15 2024
- The Haibun Journal: July 1 to July 31 2024
The Mamba: May 15 to Aug 15 2024 (Africa Haiku Network)
The Starlight SciFaiku Review: TBA (Starship Sloane Publishing)
tinywords: Aug 1 to Aug 31 2024
Trash Panda: May 1 to May 15 2024
- Triya: June 1 to June 15 2024
tsuri-dōrō: May 1 to May 10 2024
- ubu.: on hiatus until 2024
Wales Haiku Journal: June 1 to June 30 2024
- whiptail: May 1 to May 7 2024
- Yavanika Press: May 1 to June 30 2024 (e-chapbooks)

Open year-round

- Failed Haiku (open 10th to 25th, now odd-numbered months only)
- Geppoº
- Gusts (Tanka Canada)
- Haiku Canada Review (biannual deadlines)
- Haiku in Action (Nick Virgilio Haiku Association)
Mariposaº (Mar 1 & Sept 1 issue deadlines)
- red lights (biannual deadlines)
- seashores (biannual deadlines)
- Scarlet Dragonfly Journal (monthly deadlines)
- Scifaikuest (Hiraeth Publishing)
- Shot Glass Journal (triannual  deadlines)
- THF Haiku Dialogue (open weekly, Wednesday to Saturday; themed)

** Publisher claims copyright of submitted poems

On hiatus / closed for an extended time

American Tanka: on indefinite hiatus
Better Than Starbucks: on hiatus; future plans undecided
Chanokeburi: appears to be dormant; last website post was in 2019
- DailyHaiku: subs closed until further notice
Haiku Corner: no longer accepting subs (The Japan Society)
Haiku Seed Journal: tentatively expected to reopen in Feb/Mar 2023
HSA Renku Award Contest: suspended until further notice
- is/let: closed to subs since Jan 2022
Isobar Press: currently closed to unsolicited subs
kontinuum: on indefinite hiatus
Minglewood: appears dormant; last YouTube upload & tweet are from over 10 years ago
- Moth Orchid Press: no current sub calls
Narrow Road: temp closed (website down)
Nun Prophet Press: temp closed to subs
Skylark: taking a long hiatus
Sonic Boom: on hiatus until July 2024
Stardust Haiku: on hiatus
The Haiku Pond: on indefinite hiatus
- the QuillS: on hiatus
wildflower poetry press: currently closed to subs

Unsure of status

- Canadian Zen Haiku: last blog post was in 2021

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the market listings and items contained herein, they may not reflect the most up-to-date information. No guarantee is made as to the validity of this information. Please read each market's guidelines before submitting.


  1. Is Chrysanthemum still open? I haven't heard anything from Beate Conrad for some time now.

    1. Hi John, as far as I know it's still open. I haven't heard anything otherwise, and the website still says submissions are welcome. I reached out to the editor; I'll let you know what she says.

    2. No response from the editor... not sure what's going on with Chrysanthemum.

  2. I'm surprised not to see Poetry Pea Podcast (and journal) which has themed submissions year round.

    1. It's included... that's not one to miss! It's under "Upcoming contests & reading periods" for now because it's not currently accepting submissions.

  3. I received a return email for my submission from Beate of Chrysanthemum the other day.

    1. Chrysanthemum seems to be back on a regular schedule now. Next open reading period is in February.

  4. Sadly, I think Atlas Poetica is no more. :( Thanks for all your work on this.

    1. Thanks Julie. That's a shame. I'll update the listing.

  5. Hi Greg, I have just tried to get in touch with John who was going to publish 'Fastened to the Reins'. The email 'bounced back' - it is no longer in use. I suspect this might be a non-event unless someone knows better. Cheers, John H

    1. Thanks John! The website has been down for a while but I hadn't heard anything about. Appreciate the update... I'll remove it from the list.

  6. Link to the Sciku Project: https://thescikuproject.com/

    1. Thanks John... have this one listed under "open year-round."

  7. Dear Mr. Schwartz,

    I hope you are doing well. Best wishes for a peaceful and happy New Year!

    I appreciate your efforts to provide haiku market news and deadlines. Thank you for the opportunity to share the following with you. I don't have your email. Please suggest if you prefer to receive this information via email.

    The City of Albuquerque is accepting submissions for a nature haiku contest through January 31, 2024 from poets in New Mexico.


    Thank you for your consideration.


    Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)
    India and USA

    1. Hi Monica, happy new year! Thanks for mentioning this contest... I've added it to the list :)

    2. Dear Mr. Schwartz,

      I appreciate your good wishes. Thank you for the opportunity to share the following contests.

      Sixth Annual Weybridge Haiku Contest:
      Open to all Vermonters. The poem should be in the haiku form; there are no limits on the number of haikus a writer can submit. Participants of all ages are welcome. Submit haikus by Feb. 23, to George Bellerose, 80 Meetinghouse Lane, Weybridge, VT 05753; or email georgebellerose@gmavt.net https://www.rutlandherald.com/rhvm/reader-bulletins-jan-5-11-2024/article_0104a683-5c36-5e64-83b0-dd5dff40f55b.html
      Oklahoma Poem Contest: To celebrate National Poetry Month and Oklahoma, the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry conducts an annual Oklahoma Poem Contest. Poems must honor or celebrate Oklahoma in some way. Only Oklahoma residents are eligible to enter.

      Thank you for your consideration.


      Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)
      India and USA

    3. Thanks Monica! I've added the Vermont contest, but the Oklahoma contest is a general poetry contest. This page is mainly for haiku (& related forms - haibun, rengay, etc.) contests. There's no way I could keep up with all poetry contests, unfortunately :)

    4. Dear Mr. Schwartz,

      I appreciate the clarity. Thank you for the opportunity to share haiku contests and news.


      Myong Cha Son Haiku Award
      Open to undergraduate poets who are enrolled in a United States college or university. There is no fee to enter. Limit of three poems per category. Deadline: February 16, 2024. Questions can be directed to poetry@wcupa.edu. Please mark the subject line as, "WCU Poetry Awards." Submissions must be uploaded in the following format to: Haiku Poems at https://www.wcupa.edu/arts-humanities/poetry/contestAwards.aspx


      3rd Annual Arkansas Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Competition:
      The Hot Springs Sister City Program has announced the 3rd Annual Arkansas Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Competition sponsored by The Springs Magazine. Top entries will be invited to read their winning haikus at the Arkansas Cherry Blossom Festival on March 3, will be published and displayed at the event, and will be published in the April publication of The Springs Magazine. https://thespringsmagazine.com/2024/01/30/february-20-is-the-deadline-for-haiku-competition-entries/
      The event is open to Arkansas residents of all ages with two categories, Adult and 18 years of age and below. Entries are due by February 20, limited to two haiku per person, and should be submitted online on the Cherry Blossom Festival Page at https://hotspringssistercity.org/arkansas-cherry-blossom-festival-2/

      Haiku Corner by The Japan Society, UK, is no longer accepting entries.



      Thank you for your consideration.


      Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)

    5. Thanks Monica! I'll get those added.

    6. Dear Mr. Schwartz,

      I appreciate your good wishes and your efforts. Happy Year of the Wood Dragon, and Happy National Haiku Writing Leap Month!

      Thank you for the opportunity to share the following contests.


      Teen Ink Magazine: Poetry Contest - A Haiku by You!

      Deadline: March 1, 2024. You must be a teen (aged 13-19) with a Teen Ink account to enter. Submit entries through our website. See our submission guidelines for more information.


      Writers in Kyoto Present the Ninth Annual Kyoto Writing Competition

      Deadline: March 31, 2024 (23:59 JST) Theme: Kyoto. You do not need to be located in Kyoto to participate. We accept submissions from anywhere in the world. Genre: Short poems, character studies, essays, travel tips, whimsy, haiku sequence, haibun, wordplays, dialogue, experimental verse, etc. In short, anything that helps show the spirit of place in a fresh light. A clear connection to Kyoto is essential. https://www.writersinkyoto.com/2023/11/26/writing-competition/writers-in-kyoto-present-the-ninth-annual-kyoto-writing-competition/


      Thank you for your consideration.


      Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)

    7. Thanks Monica! They've both been added :)

  8. Thanks Joshua! Appreciate the tips - I'll try to go through them this week and add what I can. I've been wondering about 50 Haikus... the same editor manages other mags that also appear to be dormant. Taj Mahal is one I've looked at but haven't added since it's more of a general lit mag than haiku/micropoetry-specific. I had the Small Wonders and IHS contests before... I must have removed them at some point. I'll add them back in.


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