Saturday, August 12, 2017

When did the HWA become so expensive?

I used to be a member of the Horror Writers Association and found it very beneficial.  Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to keep my membership going at the time, and had to cancel both my HWA and HSA (Haiku Society of America) memberships.

While browsing around online today, I decided to check out the HWA to see if maybe I should join back up.  Dues when I was a member -- probably around 2009 or so -- were about $30 or $35 at the time.  I was more than just surprised to discover that since then, the membership fee has doubled.

For an Affiliate or Active membership, among others, it now costs $69.00 per year.  When did that happen?  The HWA was pretty darn cool to be a part of, but for someone who couldn't justify it at $35 a year, that price is way out of reach.

For any HWA members out there, when did the fee go up so drastically?  I know inflation and all that will  cause some increase, but this seems excessive -- at least to me.  I was happy to discover that the HSA is still only $35 for a year's membership.

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